Welcome! Let me introduce myself….

I’m half professional businesswoman with a kick ass work ethic and boss mode, and half hot mess of  broken who finds hope and beauty in it all anyway.

I used to keep those two sides apart– business by day, mess by night and on the side. But they’re all part of who I am, including the broken stories: having a missing brother and our 10+ year search for him, caregiver to a disabled veteran, manager of my own issues and failures, mom to my crazy but adored children, and 82+ more things. I can tell you all about it over a glass of wine sometime. And sometimes I write about it all here too (check out the ‘Blog’ section). And that other, more professional side of me includes a 14 year + career that includes: fundraiser, event planner, communications specialist, spokesperson, software product manager, trainer, coach, writer, and more….

It now all collides into this. Here I am, ready to use ALL of my skills and experience as a kick ass professional boss mom to help you with your mess. I kind of specialize in that. Or your awesomeness. I know a bit about that too.

So let’s talk about how I can help your business launch or grow. From just an idea you want to bring to fruition, to a seasoned pro wanting to take it further, I’m your gal.

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Hey! I'm always working on something or another to help others with their goals. I try to pass along what I learn, and maybe we can all succeed together in whatever we're working towards. I also share from my crazy life, so get ready for some interesting tales.

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