Flying Away

I’m on an airplane, headed to a work event and a quick visit with family in a city I’ve never been to. Four days away, missing my family but eating good food, sleeping all night in a nice hotel, and visiting family I rarely see. The nicest thing about traveling, either for work or for fun, is the escape. For a few days I have a reason to not check my blackberry incessantly, have a good excuse to not do things I wouldn’t have had time for anyhow, and have a few hours where there is really nothing productive I can do. I’d much prefer my travels to be with my family, but since the trip is a must I’ll still take the good that comes with it.

We all need an escape sometimes, a chance to break out of our normal daily routines and experience something different. That may be a chance to relax, or it may just be a different place with new sights to see. My travels don’t take me very far, but it’s nice to daydream about flying off to distant lands where escape is very real. Sometimes I think I’d love to escape to one of those lands, just me and my guys, and never return.

I don’t know what type of escape Austin was truly looking for, though I believe it was a permanent escape from this life he sought. I believe he saw it as his only escape from pain. Maybe if he’d had insurance and could have found relief from the physical pain, he could have dealt with the emotional better. Maybe if he could have just found his own escape he could have gotten through another day and then another. He did escape and ‘fly away’, that much we do know. He either flew into God’s arms or flew from his life into another.

The thing is, Austin couldn’t see past his pain that the best part of flying away is that one day soon you’ll be flying home. I’ve barely left, yet I’m already looking forward to coming home to hugs and kisses and the comfort of home. Maybe one day he will too.

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