Tarnished Hope

Our mischievous Ben has a new fun place to play- he climbs onto the bathroom counter and gets into anything he can.  Yesterday morning as I put him on the ground once again, and surveyed what he had been playing with, this is the mess I saw.

In the last four years, we’ve used the word ‘Hope’ a lot, and have reminders all over, including this ornament that I never put away with the Christmas things.  I’d honestly forgotten it was there and overlooked it daily.  After Ben ‘rearranged’ things, I saw it there, covered by other random things of our lives, with much of the glitter rubbed off and looking a little tarnished.

It immediately struck me how much that is like real hope.  We can get so buried by things that our hope is dulled.  Maybe we even miss seeing it altogether.  It can get buried due to time, feeling unplugged, sweating the small stuff, or just rubbing against rough things over and over.  It happens, just like with the ornament.

Then one day, someone rearranges things a bit.  You may not have even wanted them to.  But there it is, peeking through the mess, reminding you that hope is never lost.  God is still there.  He still has a plan. 

Look in your own mess.  Can you still see hope?  If not, keep looking.  It’s there.

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