Choosing to Believe

I’ve never been very good at choosing to believe something without cold hard proof, or some experience of my own that gives me reason to believe.  For me it’s a choice, not a gut instinct usually.  I wish I just went with my gut more often, but I weigh the information just like I do with any decision.

Some things come very easy for me.  I believe in God because I’ve had a personal experience with Him.  I believe in love because I’ve felt it many ways and times.  I believe in certain ways of parenting because of research I’ve done and watching people I respect.  I believe in the Gators, because they’ve won too many championships to ignore. 

But sometimes believing isn’t easy.  Sometimes you have to choose to believe, even though you may be wrong.  I’ve sometimes wondered how people do it, how they seem to stick their heads in the sand.  But maybe they’re not, maybe they’re just choosing to look at a different perspective and different pieces of evidence than others. 

Today I’m choosing to look from a different perspective at a few things, and to believe what is a bit tough.  I may be proven wrong, but have decided that I’d rather believe than not.  I’d rather choose to look at the good than the bad.  There’s plenty of good and there’s plenty of bad in most situations on any given day.  I think which you chose to believe says more about you than it does about anything else.

Today, choose to believe.

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