He didn’t have an iPhone…

This may sound silly, especially with all the things Austin has missed, but this just dawned on me.  He never had an iPhone!  The reason that strikes me as so odd, is that he was so techie that he would have certainly had one if he’d been around a little bit longer.  Austin disappeared on June 26.  The first iPhone was released on June 29.  Austin had recently gone through a few new phones, always looking for the latest and greatest.

And Facebook… back then, it wasn’t used by the masses, mostly just college students.  He never experienced the fun of checking in, posting hundreds of photos, poking people, and playing Farmville.  And Twitter!  Twitter had just been launched, and most of didn’t know what a tweet was.

We didn’t own one flat screen TV, and hadn’t even considered buying one.  They were expensive!  Now I can’t remember how we watched TV without a large flat screen with HD.  

I had never been much of a gadget person, but five months before Austin disappeared I started a new position in a software company.  For the first time, we had a lot in common in our day to day lives.  Though we did very different things in very different companies, it was a common ground.  Now over four years later, I’m still with that company and in a much different role.  But I think Austin would love knowing what I do, and even laugh at some of the stories I’d tell him if he was here.

And he’d probably be impressed that I now love having the latest and greatest phone. 

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