Like a Ball in a Bowl

I’ve spent the past two days learning about writing requirements documents, a task that is almost as interesting to me as watching paint dry (though necessary and the training was very beneficial).  But there is one thing that jumped out to me more than anything, something I wanted to share.

The trainer ( to give appropriate credit) used an illustration like this.  He said that people are like a ball in a bowl, and stressful situations are like pulling that ball up the side.  When you let it go, the ball rolls all around in erratic directions before coming to rest.  And people are like that ball, always seeking to come back to rest.

I thought that was a pretty good illustration of what happens.  I honestly I consider myself a good gauge, as stressful situations and I seem to find each other regularly.

But as I thought through this more, I realized that he missed something.  He used the mind of a mathematician to formulate this.  But what he missed is the human element of how that ball can behave less erratic, how it can come to rest sooner.

If you were to line that ball with something, the ball would slow sooner.  Depending on what you line it with, the results can vary.  Line it with felt and you have some impact, line it with thick cotton gauze and you have even more.

Our lives are like that.  We all get taken to stressful heights of our bowl.  Some events cause drop us from just a small height to recover from.  Some drops are so far that the time to return to a calm state is much longer and much more erratic.

But if you line your life, you will recover quicker and with a less erratic path than you would otherwise.  But what you line it with determines how much so.  Line it with friends?  Definitely helps decrease your time back to that state of rest.  Line it with friends and love?  Even more so.  Line it with all of those and faith in a loving God?  Now you’ve got a bowl, or a life, that can withstand even the worst.

The drop will still hurt, but is so much better with a lined life.

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