Just Do It

We all remember the Nike slogan, Just Do It.  If you don’t remember, then you’re too young for me to be okay with, so just pretend.  It was such a genius slogan, one that still is quoted regularly.  And about so many things, from sports to business to life in general.

I don’t actually think to myself ‘Just Do It’ when faced with challenges, but it is what most of us do.  I’m surrounded by people who are dealing with issues that they never would have thought they could handle, would never have wanted to handle.  Things such as the loss of a child, the loss of health, sometimes even the loss of dreams.  But they get up in the morning, and they face them.  They just do it.  With the ‘it’ sometimes being as simple as getting up and getting dressed when they want to stay under the covers and pretend another day hasn’t come.  The ‘it’ is sometimes as monumental as holding a loved ones hand in their last days and hours.

I’m amazed by what the human spirit can survive, and even thrive through.  God made us in an awesome way, able to do things we never would want to.  He gives us the strength and the courage to just do it.  And He gives us the friends and support we need when we can’t. 

Today, whatever you face, know that with Him, all things are possible.  (Philippians 4:13)

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