Life is short. Stay awake.

My delicious latte is in a cup with the question ‘what do you stay awake for?’ with answers all over it. Some are cute, like “socks, fresh from the dryer” and some are very sweet such as “the pitter patter of little feet as the sun rises.”

This morning my real answer is a good one- I’m kept awake (barely!) by the desire to get home from a quick trip in time to catch some of my son’s baseball game. When it starts I’ll be in the air, but will get to the game as fast as possible after I land. Then I’ll go home and sleep.

I like those real answers on the cup, those that answered more honestly than dreamily. Dreamy answers are good too, but sometimes a bit cheesy for my taste. Does Hilda G. really stay awake “to end breast cancer– worldwide” or is that something she cares about and puts a bit of time and energy into, but truly just what’s left over after everything else?

I’m a bit harsh, fully realizing I have no idea about Hilda G. She may wake up every morning with a passion she puts into action. Or she may be a bit more like me and want to do that, but instead sometimes just be kept awake because she has no choice.

I’d like to be able to honestly answer “to find Austin” or “to reach people with a message of hope” but while I am passionate about those things, some days I just want to stay (or go) to sleep. And some days I just want to be a mom enjoying a baseball game.

I think that is part of the message of hope though- that you don’t have to have all the right answers. You don’t always have to do the right things. You’re still loved and treasured. And some days you’ll wake up and be ready to change the world. But some days you’ll just want to pull the covers back over your head.

**special thanks to my Caribou coffee that is hot and delish and provided inspiration for a post. seriously, what more could you want from a cup of coffee?!

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  1. Anita….writing is so your calling in life!

    As I read this I knew instinctively, or maybe cause I’ve been there, where you were headed. Yep, there are days for changing the world and days for just staying in bed. It is why I caution the public to not prescribe a behavior or behaviors to the families of the missing. There is no wrong or right emotion to have. There are days you have to put on the back burner your search so you can attend to the present….afterall anything on the back burner is still watched.

    I knew when missing baby Lisa’s Dad said he needed a break from the police interrogation it was a normal reaction for someone to go through who is facing trauma. Anyone who had or had someone missing understands that reaction. It’s like a baby filling up with stimulus and having to look away frequently to process. The same for the families of the missing … in order to remain mentally healthy you have to turn your head to process; or crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head.

    As I got to the end I thought of a very insensitive comment made to Don Ross last year on his Facebook event for Opie Fest…the commentor was chastizing Don for having a party while his son is missing. Don in his graciousness got this person turned around very nicely…as everyone knows I would have ripped her to pieces…gracious that I am not! But this was a classic case of how the public thinks the families should act and it’s no wonder many families put the pressure on themselves to wake up and change the world every day…’s okay to have a normal day and have a cup of coffee and think of nothing.

    Keep up the writing!


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