Throughout my life there have been many influential people, those I admired and respected and who helped shape my world view and self view. I could write entire posts about those people.

I listened to a speaker this week, one who has had influence on me and many around me, and thought how much I’d love to be able to have the impact and influence he has. Just a portion even. But one of the things he spoke about was the importance of leaders in our churches who partner with parents to influence our children. Influence + influence = even greater influence.

That got me thinking about how everyone has influence in some way. Each of us has influence in ways we realize and ways we don’t. We hope our influence is more good than not. We sometimes forget that though we don’t necessarily have influence over thousands, those we do impact matter just as much.

And our influence is probably greatest than we ever know. I wonder if Austin could have ever known what influence he would have. His name is known by many he never knew, and he’s now pushing me out of my comfort zone to have influence on a few through sharing my experiences. He’s having influence through my mom who is sharing her time and skills with families going through the same.

I needed the reminder that though my influence is small, someone is watching everything. My children are influenced by my actions more than my words daily, and they will also have influence one day. I need to never forget that.

You have influence. How are you using it today?

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  1. Anita…your words influence many. You can’t count them because your blogs go viral and very few are comfortable commenting back for whatever reason. They are reading your words and you teach and touch someone, undoubtedly many, evertime you write. But even if you influenced just one person with your words, with sharing your journey in this world of the missing, that one person will turn around and educate and/or reach out to share your words with others. Keep on influencing Anita, you are doing great!

    Maureen R.

  2. Hello Anitia, I have been reading your blogs all day. Now into the evening. I am so sorry for the loss your family feels. I never knew your pain of having your brother missing. I first remember meeting you at the ball field. Though my boys long knew Mike, Drew was playing Tball. I remember seeing Ben learning to walk around and even took a picture of him and Dillon just little ones by the tball field. I have all ways viewed you as a strong godly women and felt great respect for you and Mike. I think back and I remember Charles talking about his teammate’s wife with her brother missing. Not knowing you I prayed. Your blogs are wonderfully written and always ending with a lesson or thought For your readers. Thank you for that. Your children are awesome and you are Doing a great job raising them. I have not yet caught up with your life’s story but I wanted to stop and tell you I am Praying. You are helping people more than you even know. Thank God he put you in my son’s life! Thank you and Mike for bringing Jennifer and Josh together! I don’t have to grieve for Josh’s loneliness any more and know that he is with the Christian wife and mother he deserves. I feel so blessed and now a precious little boy being born that brings their family even closer. Again I am Praying for you and your family. Honored to know you keep Doing what your Doing and God bless you and your family.

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