Things I Hate

1. Introducing myself to people. (though I love talking to groups)

2. Cold mornings. (thankful I live in Florida)

3. Sharing feelings. (though I’ll tell you my thoughts any day)

4. That I didn’t share more feelings with Austin. (but I hope my actions spoke louder than words)

5. Asking people for things. (and I seriously stink at it)

6. Failure. (anything less than success is not okay to me for myself, impossible standards sometimes)

7. Change. (the grass is always greener right where I am)

8. Missing People.

9. Socks. (I know it’s weird, but they aren’t for me.)

10. Having to face the things I hate. One of the reasons I’m stronger than I was 4 years ago is that I’ve had to face all that and more (the list could go on) though I didn’t want to. I still don’t like any of them, but I’ve found I can face them, can handle them after all.

Except socks.

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