Hours do not have enough minutes. Days do not have enough hours. Weeks do not have enough days. Months…. well, you get the picture. We run out of time to do what we need or what we want. We make choices constantly on what gets our time because for most of us, not everything we want can be done.

I face this daily. And daily I feel guilt over it. I feel guilt because I didn’t spend enough time with my boys, didn’t get home soon enough to give my amazing husband a break, didn’t get tasks done on a project at work, didn’t answer every question my team asked, didn’t finish script edits for church, didn’t check in with a friend I meant to, didn’t make calls to get donations for the search. Then at times I feel guilty for not spending a bit more time on me to keep me from getting burned out so badly I have nothing left to give.

Last night we drove about 30 miles out of town and I had moments of dreaming of living out there, away from it all. Just me and the guys and a visit to town or visit from friends now and then. And then I remembered that I’d go crazy after two days.

I love all that I do. I’d love a little less of it, but I haven’t figured out how to make that happen.

So for now, I’ll keep doing the best I can. Today isn’t the day I become the world’s best mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, employee, boss, volunteer or anything else. But maybe I’ll do good enough to make it one more day.

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