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Year after year there are discussions about consumerism taking over and making Christmas something other than it should be, about the birth of the Christ Jesus. This year I struggled with deciding how much was too much as always. I don’t want my children to believe that Christmas is about Santa and presents, but know the joy of truly celebrating Christmas.

As I stood watching them with their gifts this morning, I was overcome with the magic of Christmas yet again. My oldest has really struggled with obedience and respect lately, and didn’t deserve to be lavished with all the things he got. But it hit me, that we didn’t deserve the gift that God gave us over 2,000 years ago. He lavished us with all of his love, knowing that we could never earn it. I struggle with disobedience daily and yet He gives. He gave the greatest gift, with sacrifice and with joy. And because of that we can know the depths of His love.

So yes, we can go overboard in presents, but this is one time where we can show others the kind of love that God has shown us. Let’s not make it about the gifts themselves, but remember that because He gave us everything, we can give much.

Give today. Give every day. Give sacrificially and joyously, even when it can never be repaid or earned.

This is what I want to teach my children, that Christmas is about giving all you have to those you love and to thank God daily for loving us so much that He gave all.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. I wish you love and strength. I can not imagine the madness in not knowing where my brother or any member of my family. I will remember you, your family and brother in my prayers.

  2. This is lovely! I love Christmas and the giving of gifts for exactly this. To shower our children and those we love with gifts they don’t deserve IS a wonderful reminder of God’s love for us. And as I read elsewhere, there is a difference between giving gifts on Christmas and giving into every whim they want throughout the year. I too have one (or two) struggling with disobedience and this is a lovely reminder that gifting them now is not going to undo any teachings. It’s about so much more this time of year! Thank you for sharing!
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