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I love inspirational quotes, blog posts that uplift and empower, special moments with my kids, family vacations, and backyard camping. I love Hallmark moments.

I like to look back at photos from happy days, with my smiling boys and fun yet educational outings. I love to plan those rare days, where I leave the hated blackberry at home and focus on what matters. On those days I dream of my future with a flexible work schedule on my terms where I have more days like this.

But sometimes I put so much pressure on myself and our family to have all days be like that. I’m on vacation this week, and despite lack of finances to go away, I wanted to plan a fun and memorable stay-cation. I made a Pinterest board, I posted on Facebook, I made notes and did research. I emailed the schedule out, and told everyone it would be like vacation except we’d sleep at home. But it didn’t really turn out that way.

My husband got sick, which happens way too often, which ended much of our plans. So I sat home and sulked while letting the boys watch all the TV they wanted. I’m sulking over vacation days wasted and plans ruined and what I think I deserve on my rare free days.

Reality check. Life doesn’t always go to plan, people get sick, things happen. And today I’m not even going to remind myself of all I know, that these days can be just as good (or better) than the planned days, that I have much to be thankful for.

Today, I’m sharing a photo of reality. Not the pretty happy photos we all usually post, but the gritty real life we share with those we love.

We too often put up a front that all is well and life is grand. Then others wish their life was like that. We all do it sometimes, either faking it or wishing for a life we don’t even realize is faked. But we all have these days, not every moment is Hallmark.

Sharing life is sharing it all.

And I’ll start saving money to plan a real vacation soon!

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  1. Anita,

    I’ll bet you Hallmark has a card for this! Or, maybe you could start a new line…Reality Cards.


  2. I’d buy reality cards! 🙂

  3. Real life is like that sometimes. I’m sorry your stay-cation didn’t go as planned. Good for you to recognize that sometimes things like that just happen. 🙂
    Rabia @ TheLiebers recently posted…Hump Day Hook UpMy Profile

    • Recognizing and liking them is two totally different things! But sometimes, ‘it is what it is!’ 🙂

  4. Stopping by from Hump Day Hook Up! So glad to have found you. Yep, life’s what happens when you make other plans. On my better days, I try to remember that. On other days, well … Thanks for a fun post!
    Norine @ Science of Parenthood recently posted…Are You Living With A Toddler Or Frankenstein?My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by! About to check out your frankenstein post… I definitely live with a little monster!

  5. Wonderful post! Yeah, life doesn’t always go as planned and I bet no one’s house is as pretty and clean as the blog post pics try to convey! 😀
    Roshni recently posted…Staying healthy is actually a walk (or jog) in the park!My Profile

    • I know a few people who I think really are that put together- but they also don’t have young kids or full time jobs, so whatever!

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