Sunrise, Sunset

Up until relatively very few years ago, people believed that everything revolved around the Earth.  The reason that Galileo was not just laughed at, but convicted of heresy by the church, was primarily that they were clearly not moving, the Earth couldn’t be moving, and obviously the Sun and planets were rotating around them.

Just a few mornings ago I was reminded that though we know today that we are not technically, literally, scientifically, the center of the universe, we often still somehow believe it.  I sat on the beach, quite still, watching the sun rise and in awe of it’s beauty.  And forgetting that it was there all along, but we had finally turned back towards it.

I can sometimes lose sight of the fact that like the Sun stays and waits for us, so does God.  When we move from the light, He is still there.  When clouds and darkness come, He is still there.  He still controls it all.  It’s not after all I who sits still with God leaving me and reappearing, but I who am turning away and then drawn back to Him, to His warmth.  And to me, it’s a comfort to know that steadfast never failing source of life, to be reminded that He never leaves, just as the Sun never truly sets.

We live in a world where we know that we aren’t the center but we forget more often than we remember.  We stand amazed at His creation, but just a few hours later, with the sun at it’s peak, only see what it’s illuminating, already with our focus off of the sun, and on to us.  Just as I, and likely you, do with God.  I stand amazed at His work in my life, and then get lost in the busyness until I realize I’ve turned away and the darkness is closing in.

Getting up to watch that sunrise was an act of will, when I really wanted to stay in bed and sleep.  But what I would of missed….  I just have to keep remembering that as I seek Him daily too.

Luke 1:78
because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven

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