White Out, Erasers and Delete

My favorite key on the keyboard is delete.  It is my friend, the one that keeps the secrets of the dumb things I wrote, my errors and miscalculations.  It let’s me remove what I need, and start fresh.  And if I really didn’t want to delete that (you know, need to delete my delete), there is even the Undo option.  It’s lovely.

Before computers, I loved erasers- the scented ones and fun shaped ones, or when there was a lot to erase, the jumbo pink ones.  But as every kid knows, if you erase a mistake, you can still tell it was there.  Your paper turns a bit gray in that spot, and you may even end up with a tear. 

White Out was always a favorite through high school, when I was still typing a lot of papers on a typewriter, or handwriting them, and could cover mistakes without the messy eraser.  It was still obvious that there was a perfectly white smear on not exactly white paper, but at least it was clean. 

I’ve often thought that it would be nice to have a delete key in my life.  For when I’ve opened my mouth and out spilled words I’d like to delete, or days that didn’t go as planned and I’d like to do over.

Thankfully there are apologies, and forgiveness, and tomorrows. But they’re less like a delete key and more like an eraser.

The mistake is gone, but erasing it made even a bigger mess.  Sometimes that’s what happens with our own lives, where we cover mistakes with lies, or add excuses to apologies, or try to forget painful things that have happened. We may have covered up the mistake, but sometimes we make it even more messy than before. 

But sometimes God gives us White Out- He’s forgiven us, or He’s brought us through the storm, sometimes both.  He doesn’t want to leave us messy, but He also doesn’t want to take us back to where we began.  He covers us, leaving a reminder of what we faced, but yet leaving us even whiter and stronger than before.  When others look at us, they can see we’ve faced times that we’d like to delete, but they also see what we’ve become.  

Whatever it is you’d like a delete key for today, instead seek the White Out that means we’re loved and forgiven, and stronger than before.  And then take that new white spot, and start writing a fresh story. 


  1. This is such a powerful reminder that He is with us through everything, that we are forgiven, and given a new slate when we ask for his forgiveness. I know in my life there have been so many times I could just “Delete” everything, but later God shows me that white out was more of the answer.It is hard sometimes, to let God write our story, and not to take control over His plan, to realize the important lesson that you just wrote out for us. Thank you so much for this. I needed the reminder today.


    • I still need the reminder often too- this week especially. Thanks for visiting and commenting, knowing any one person hears something they need gives me joy.


  2. This was a really good post. I like this analogy. I hope it makes sense for many future generations who don’t get to experience the frustrating bottle of gooey white out in the technological age. So many people think that things can be swept under a rug – basically “deleted”. But I like the white out. I like the reminder of what I have faced that God helped me through – that make me the person I am today. I sometimes need that reminder to humble me and bring me back into focus. Great post!

    • Thanks Yolanda! And you’re right, I feel old each time I think of things that are no longer around, or are but not used often that used to be so common.

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