25 Minutes

I recently realized that my blog had a few visitors who had come in *unusual* ways- for example, there is a porn site that has directed two visitors recently.  My first reaction was horror, then I realized that however they came, they needed Hope and God’s love as much as, or possibly more than anyone else here.

But it did get me thinking about how I can reach out more beyond my circle and reach more people who might need that love.  So, I started searching for various topics that I hope one day my blog will turn up in results for.  After searching for ‘inspirational women bloggers’ I found a blog that spoke to my heart so strongly that I knew I had to share it with you.  Karen Owens is a mother and wife who shares about her families journey from the loss of their sweet boy through the adoption of two beautiful children.  She writes about so much more than just how their day was.  She describes glimpses into the very character of God Himself, as seen in these children.

This amazing family did more than just survive a terrible loss- they have trusted in God so much that they chose to adopt more children who might bring them that same heartbreak over again- but they chose to love anyway.  Karen says, “We wanted to love a child that was deemed unlovable and be that family God destined them to have.”  There are many of us who have faced painful things and are strong and loving and make it through.  But there are very few people like Karen and her family who then turn to God and ask for more, because they see His plan.

Settle in, read a few posts and bookmark this one.  I know I have.

(And I’d start with these:  Minute 25, My Unanswered Prayer)

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