This Week’s Randoms

Random things from around my week:

**My silly child who kept saying he wasn’t sick and was fine as I rushed him to the ER last week, became a hot mess this week over a skinned knee. He limped. He cried. He whined. He seemed to think he was dying.  He can apparently handle not breathing better than a bit of blood. (Oh crud, do I do this? No. Yeah, pretty sure I handle our big crisis’ with grace and then flip over the minor stuff. Should work on that.  Someday.)

**Drew has surgery scheduled in a few weeks for chronic sinus problems, that causes asthma issues and headaches. He had so many days of bad headaches last 9 weeks that he missed a TON of class and had to work hard to catch up. He’s always been a bit of a brainiac and good grades come easily. It was nice to see him take on the challenge and finish with A’s and B’s. (Being my kid, its pretty logical he’ll have a life of challenge more than an easy ride. So seeing him persevere encourages my heart!)

**We were goofing off last night and Ben did something that prompted me to jokingly say, “Ben, you’re my smartest child.” He immediately replied very genuinely, “No, Daddy is your smartest child.” We laughed forever. Many people say I have three children, I just didn’t realize Ben saw him as one of the kids. (Michael actually is wicked smart. Drives me nuts. He is also pretty much a rock star on anything he puts his mind to. Drives me more nuts.)

**A fabulous group of ladies I know only online did short video hello’s this week. It was so great to see them in more than just photos and hear their voices. So I thought I’d bring the same idea here and post a video intro soon. Hoping to connect with more readers and figured a proper introduction would be a great start. Come back soon to check it out!

Tonight we have what’s quickly becoming my favorite night of the week- LifeGroup with three other families we’re growing to love. Then we’re spending the weekend in Daytona Beach for baseball. Can’t wait to hang out with some cool parent friends and watch our kids play ball and bond as a team.

Hope you have a great weekend too!


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