Memorial Day Rememberances

Ten years… Ten years since I sat at the memorial of a young man lost from my husband’s battalion.  Ten years since I was pregnant with our first and vowed to have him remember that young man.  I didn’t know that we’d face so much loss in the next ten years that it would become even more poignant.  I didn’t know that between years Nine and Ten, a friend would lose her children’s dad to PTSD and I’d count one more among those we remember.

Memorial Day.  We remember.



  1. Anita, I just read your About page, as well as Austin’s. I pray that you find Austin, and I am touched reading about your efforts as a sister. You are an amazing sister.

    • thank you Katia- I think I’m doing what any sister would, and just trying to find my way. Your words mean so much though.

  2. My husband is retired army and works for the DOD (intel) as a civilian. We remember too. Hugs and happy Memorial Day!

  3. I have also read and commented on the linked post…..this is a truly wonderful tribute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is beautiful. After just witnessing my nephew become a full-fledged sailor this is even more poignant.

    • Thanks Kerri- moments like will stay with you forever- being a military wife for just 4 years impacted my perspective. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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