You have a baby… In a Hearing

Sweet Home Alabama had one of the best lines ever-

“You have a baby… In a bar.”

I laugh at the line for a number of reasons, but including that I spent some of my early months at a beach bar that was a family business for my parents best friends. I turned out mostly okay.

Yesterday, a congressman from North Carolina, Rep. Mel Watt, made big news for bringing his grandson to a congressional hearing, and leading questioning with the baby on his lap. To give the kid credit, he was quiet for most of it, and was simply adorable for all of it. The child’s mother and grandmother were apparently having lunch with the First Lady, and Granddad pulled baby duty.

Media outlets have responded a lot differently- with headlines like “baby lightens mood” to “cranky baby testifies.”  Some people think that it was a distraction tactic, some think it shows that he has no respect for the process and his job.

I’m just annoyed that real news is overtaken by this story.  The only thing getting more news is Jodi Arias’ interview where she stated that she wants the ultimate freedom of death.  Running a close third may be the story of the #fitchthehomeless campain, or maybe it’s OJ Simpson requesting a new trial. So to sum up, this week we’re focusing on a baby on a lap, a murderess who is getting the spotlight she so wants, a man responding poorly to a real story of a despicable CEO, and a criminal seeking a new trial.  If you haven’t caught all these news stories, kudos.  As for me, I’m in a hotel alone this week, with more news access than normal since no one is clamoring to watch Disney Junior.  Disney Junior was probably a better choice for me though.

Instead of watching more Mickey, I decided to dig deeper and find some real news, some stories worth reading or watching.

– Did you know that this week a 4 year old girl died after being raped?  There are no words.  But there should be outrage.  In a recent report, the Asian Center for Human Rights cited statistics that it said showed 48,338 child rape cases were reported in India between 2001 and 2011. The report said the number of cases rose from 2,113 in 2001 to 7,112 in 2011.  As humans, we should be asking what we can do.  We should not be keeping our eyes closed.

– An Austrian woman held captive for over 8 years speaks, and writes, about how she’s been able to bury the hate and find a way to see positives in her life.  Brave.  Strong.

– Have you heard about the teens in Charlotte who have founded a non-profit to free slaves– and are really doing it?  These kids are doing amazing things.  This is news.  This is inspiring.

Those are just a few of the stories worth our attention this week.  I’m challenging myself, and you, to look for the real news.  Look for the real heroes and the real opportunities to make a difference.

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