Summer Fun!

Today is the last day of school, and Drew is especially looking forward to summer.  To him that means staying up late, sleeping in, vacation with us (to who knows where as of today), vacation with extended family (to the Bahamas!), riding bikes and surfing.  To me, it means no morning fights to get out the door, less traffic to battle on the way to work, and being jealous of my sleeping family.  But I love the downtime for them, and the freedom that comes with summer.  Mostly, I love their excitement over the possibilities.

Drew finished the year with his year end grades being SUPER! and several awards including a black belt in Recorder Club (oh how I love the sound of the practice.  *sarcasm*), a Citizenship award (apparently he saves it all for school and is plum out of respect by the time he gets home), and a few others.  Next year he’ll be in 5th grade- the last year of elementary school.  How did this happen?  Wasn’t I just writing about his first day of 3rd grade?

Drew at 4th Grade Awards with one of several he earned

Drew at 4th Grade Awards with one of several he earned


Ben finished his first year of preschool a few weeks ago.  He loved every minute of the small class that he spent two mornings a week in.  He learned so much, and we were so thankful for his precious teachers.  But he’s moving on!  He was accepted as a ‘model student’ (don’t laugh, I have no idea how this has happened) for the pre-K program at Drew’s school.  We thought they’d never be at the same school at the same time, but now they’ll share one year there together.  We love the school, and are thrilled with the opportunity it’s going to give Ben to grow and learn.  He’ll end up there for 8 years!



We’re ready for Summer fun!


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  1. Congrats! I can totally appreciate the feeling of welcoming summer! Enjoy. Best Regards, Wendy 2013 Blogathon & UBC
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted…How to Eat Gluten FreeMy Profile

  2. Michaelene says:

    Anita, Drew and Ben look so happy. 🙂 Every milestone in life is worth celebrating. It’s so wonderful to see you celebrating their milestones in school in this post.

  3. It’s such a great time, huh?
    CARO NESS recently posted…Naked Mole RatMy Profile

  4. Sounds like fun! Have a great summer.


    Kathy Hadley recently posted…How Do You Get What You Get In Your Life?My Profile

  5. Oh, how fun!! Congrats to your little ones for “graduating” their classes this year. Do you guys have a fun summer planned? They look so happy and proud of themselves!
    Jenn L recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Family Fun DaysMy Profile

    • Thanks! 🙂

      We have very very little planned! I’m working all summer and they’re mostly home with Dad. We have plans for some sort of vacation but have no destination or plans yet- budget is very tight and last year’s staycation was a flop I promised to not repeat. Drew is getting to go to the Bahamas with family though and is going to have a blast!

      p.s. this was originally going to be a wordless Wednesday too, but I’m not very good at no words!

  6. Anita, lovely to meet you over at my place. Happy to hop on over here to say hello. And especially happy to find another sister in the rewards of optimism: not thinking life is always meant to be happy, settled and pain-free, but knowing, deep down, that life is truly meant to be good, if we can let it in. I send you hugs for your losses and challenges, and hugs for your friendship. : )

  7. My kids aren’t in “real” school yet, so for us, summer is kind of like the rest of the year, only hotter (way hotter)…this post got me a little excited about when they’re old enough to really know what Summer means. For now, they are both in pre-school and will continue to go two days a week all summer…they don’t really “get” it yet. I guess in their eyes, summer just means popsicles and pool time!

    Thank you for linking up! 🙂
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    • My youngest doesn’t get it yet, but boy does the oldest! Last night I told him he could lay with us for a while and he said, “you never say that” and I reminded him that he didn’t have to get up this morning – he grinned huge!

  8. Love your “their excitement over possibilities.” Isn’t that the way every day should be? Unfortunately, it’s hard to get excited on the “regular” days, lol. But it’s a nice goal to have. 🙂
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