In the Storm

We’re in a Tropical Storm right now here in Florida, with enough rain to make you think to build an ark and enough wind to blow you over.  Except that in this very minute, it’s calm and there is no rain.  But when I look at the sky, I know it’s just a momentary lapse, and the worst of the storm is yet to come. Okay, truth is that I can’t see that from the sky.  But the Weather Channel, along with my local news give us the warnings to heed- there may be flooding, tornadoes, downed limbs and power outages.  Thankfully they stand in the gap to share how to stay safe instead of us relying on our own instincts which so often fail.

See?  We're under that black mark in the middle of the image- completely covered.

See? We’re under that black mark in the middle of the image- completely covered.

It’s really not a big deal though.  I’ve sat through more Hurricanes and Tropical Storms than I can recall, from before I can recall.  I’ve lived in Florida all of my life but two years, and those two years were on the coast of Mississippi where we rode out a few as well.  It’s just part of life.  And in the summer when we have a break from the storms?  Wildfires my friends, wildfires.  So many that your nostrils burn from the smoke, your eyes water just by opening a window, and you pray that a Tropical Storm will come along to drench us again.

No matter where you live, there are natural forces to be reckoned with though.  I can’t imagine being startled by the shrill of a unexpected tornado siren in the Midwest.  Or being woken by a violent shaking that rattles the walls and leaves you hoping that the earth doesn’t open up and swallow you on the West Coast.

I like the storms I’m used to.  I know where to turn for information, how to prepare, and how to keep my family safe.

In life I feel the same.  I like the trouble I know and fear the unknown.  But the really cool thing is that we also have a guide, someone who stands in the gap and helps us and comforts us.

No matter what type of storm we face, we don’t have to rely on our own knowledge or instincts.  In fact, when we do is when we get into the real danger.  It’s such a comfort to know that God is more reliable and knowledgeable than the Weather Channel, and more prepared to deal with disaster than the Red Cross.

In Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, or the storms of life, He is our help.

There’s no need to have all the answers, just to know where to get them.

~  Anita ~



  1. Funny how we humans seem to get comfortable with uncomfortable situations. I spend three weeks in Oklahoma during tornado weather and it freaked me out so bad I left early!
    Arla DeField – recently posted…Say YES to Saying NO!My Profile

    • tornado weather would freak me out too- we have our share of them, but never that large or powerful and we have more warning.

  2. Beth in the City says:

    Well said and amen!

  3. Dayna Camp says:

    Amen sister! Amen about everything you said. First of all, I’ve always said I preferred the hurricane storms of FL because you have time to prepare. I also grew up in Fl. The St.Pete/Clearwater area. (I miss it)
    Then, no matter how difficult our own circumstances get, we probably wouldn’t want to trade them for someone else’s. I’ve said that for a long time. We have a son with sp. needs and life can get pretty crazy. But when I look around and see other families with their sp. needs child I’d never want to trade my set of “difficult”.
    And then most of all, if we know the One who stands in the Gap for us, what more could we ask for!
    Dayna Camp recently posted…What is Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia?My Profile

  4. Dayna Camp says:

    Trying again to leave a comment. I agree on all counts. I lived in FL growing up and would actually prefer hurricanes to any other natural disaster because you can prepare. But the best preparation is trusting in God! 🙂
    Dayna Camp recently posted…What is Deep Brain Stimulation for Dystonia?My Profile

    • I think the ‘profit’ in your address is getting you flagged as spam- and it didn’t show up in my spam messages till today- glad I found it and could rescue you out! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  5. Very, very well said. So true that the freakiest weather is weather we’re not familiar with. It’s been pouring rain here all day and I keep thinking about how hot and steamy it’s going to get tomorrow/Sunday. Cheers to God being more reliable to the weatherman sentence – loved that one.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…Life’s turning pointsMy Profile

  6. I know we’re supposed to be afraid of hurricanes, but I kinda like them! Stay safe!
    Julie Chenell DeNeen recently posted…$100.00 to AmazonMy Profile

  7. The calm before the storm is where I worry the most. It’s when you know something big is coming but you aren’t sure how damaging it’s going to be.

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