Baby Got Back- So Many Questions

This week I’m attending a meeting with my company, with lots of presentations, many discussions, and a few performances. During a team building event one night, we were split into teams for a cooking challenge. On top of cooking, we needed to perform a skit/song/cheer of some sort. Cooking is not my first love (not my 20th), though luckily for all, we were assigned to salad duty. But writing a funny song? Now you’re in my wheelhouse. I wrote a parody of ‘Baby Got Back’ and our team performed it, with another woman and I taking the lead. We quickly earned the nickname, “the rap girls.” It was funny.

Till the next morning. “The Rap Girls” were called up at 8am in a meeting, and asked to repeat the performance.

Seriously, I rapped ‘Baby Got Back’ at 8am in a meeting.  My husband would be so proud.

After that loveliness, we listened to a speaker who specializes in helping salespeople increase their skills.  I’m not a salesperson, and really don’t want to be, so I thought I might tune out.  But it turns out, that his biggest tip is one we should all hear.

Ask questions.  Listen.  Learn.

My first question was why in the world I agreed to rap.  But sometimes you have to get uncomfortable and take risks.  But more importantly, it did have me stop and think about how I go about life.  I don’t ask enough questions, and certainly don’t listen enough.

You can’t know how to help people if you don’t ask questions to get to know them and their needs.

So let me ask you…

What’s going on in your life today?

That’s a great place to start.

Baby Got Back

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