Brave Women

I want to whine today.  My back hurts, my foot hurts, I’m tired, I have too much to do and too little time.  My son is in the Bahamas, with a tropical storm expected before he leaves.  I’m traveling all next week for work, when I’d really like a vacation.  (and yes, that was all kind of whiny)

But, you know what?

My friend was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday, and talks with an Oncologist for the first time today.  She is younger than me.  She has young kids.  She has a husband, and a job, and a life, and plans for next week and next month and next year.  But she’s taking a detour.  Today, she’s learning what the plan is, and for the next several months it will be about the fight.  She’s only had about 12 hours to process it.  And she’s cried.  But she’s strong and she knows she’ll beat it.  And have no question- I also believe she’ll kick it’s ass.  But today?  Today sucks.  Big time.

And then there is this.

The three young women who were held captive for years in Ohio, and were just freed two months ago (read my original post about it here) have released the video statement below.  They are showing us that you can walk through hell and not just make it out alive, but do it “with a smile on my face.”  Take 2 minutes and watch.  They are the face of hope.

So today, I will whine {less} and hopefully we can be inspired together by these brave women. 

All four of them, including my friend.



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