Independence Day


Drew turning 10 last week was hard to believe.  Life has changed so dramatically in those 10 years, but also in the last six. Austin’s last day with us was Drew’s 4th birthday.  So beyond the normal dose of wanting to keep my kids young, comes the desire to stay closer to the time we last saw Austin.  And to have my kids at an age I can keep them under my protection.

Drew had a chance to travel with family to the Bahamas, and we decided he was old enough to be gone, knowing they would take good care of him.  But sending my first baby away, passport in hand, for two weeks was tough.

It’s a day to remember our job is to raise him into an independent adult, not to shelter and protect him.  And truthfully, we don’t have a problem with that.  Just with not being there with him as he experiences such a great week.  Missing Austin reminds us that time together isn’t a given forever.

Happy Independence Day son.  Go have fun.





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