Searching for the Lost

search truckToday, in many different places, a search is being organized.

Searchers are packing their things and their dogs and their tools.

Search leaders are scouting where the teams will search just past daybreak tomorrow.

Why today?  Well, because it’s Friday and these are volunteers, most who also work full time jobs and care for families.  So today they prepare, and tomorrow they search.

Because on the weekends, they become heroes, searching for the Lost.

Today, they are bringing HOPE to a family.

Today, that family prepares their heart for the weekend of not taking a breath while they wait.  Wait for what they fear.  Wait for what they long for.

Today, we pray for both.  For searchers heading out, and for families getting ready.

Today, that family isn’t ours.  But it will be again one day, hopefully soon.  And though this is repeating itself all over the country today, today my heart is with one specific family, and one specific group of searchers.

Today, pray for them with me.

For a look at what a family goes through during a search, read this post. 


When the path becomes difficult, that’s no reason to give up. In fact, it means you’re making real progress. The mountain becomes more rugged and steep the closer you get to the summit. Keep going, keep climbing, keep making the effort, and soon you’ll find yourself reaching the top.

 The challenges you encounter are unquestionable proof that you’re making a positive difference. Make use of those challenges, not as an excuse to stop, but rather as a platform from which to push forward.

 For the greatest achievements come in response to the greatest challenges. When the going gets rough, you are most certainly in the presence of profound opportunity.

 When there is much that must be done, there is enormous value waiting to be created. Step boldly forward and claim that value.

 Whatever may come, whatever may seem to block your path, choose to keep moving. There are truly magnificent rewards just on the other side of your persistent efforts.

— Ralph Marston


  1. Praying for all of the families missing somebody this weekend. May they get the best kind of answers and be reunited with their loved ones.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…Happy to youMy Profile

  2. Angie Schaffer says:

    I have no idea (Thank God) of what a family has to go through when searching for people they have lost. And I hope I never have to. It is a real test of a human being’s strength. But there is always hope. Always. Miracles happen, as they happened here in Missouri with young Sean Hornbeck.

    My thoughts are with everyone who has to go through this kind of pain and frustration every day.
    Angie Schaffer recently posted…3 Often Overlooked Peter Lorre CharactersMy Profile

  3. Just this morning, I was watching a report on the news about a father that just quit his job to search for his daughter full time. She’s been missing 3 weeks in Phoenix. That is love and determination.
    Terrye recently posted…7 Things You Should Not Take On VacationMy Profile

    • That is love and determination- but if I knew him I’d caution him against it. Because there has to be real life that continues in some ways, so that it doesn’t consume you… if it only takes a few weeks, that’s okay, but if it goes on years, you need the continuation of some things and people you’ve known. It’s the natural instinct, to focus on it fully, and we did for a few months too- but many cases go on for years and years and years…

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