Caution: Expect Delays

Several days ago a sign popped up on the road out of our neighborhood that advised us of delays this week.  This road just happens to be the only way in and out of the area, the only way to our school, and just happened to be the first week of school for the county on the other half of the road, with their school one block off it.  But even with the sign, I thought that the planners would surely minimize disruption under those circumstances.

I was wrong.

Monday morning as I rode my bike with Drew, about an hour before we leave for work and school, I realized that it may have been a bigger endeavor than I thought.  The dozens of people gathered at the end of the road waiting were a bad sign.  But still, there was nothing blocked, no equipment that looked like it would tear a road up, all was clear.

An hour later, I pulled out and realized that they weren’t kidding.  One lane of the two lane road was blocked, half of that lane was torn up, and the backup coming my direction (towards the school) was so bad, that I had to wait 10 minutes until they let us out.

I was not nice.  No one heard me, but I did more than grumble.

It wasn’t until later that I laughed a little bit.  I laughed because they had warned me.  I laughed because I hadn’t heeded the warning.  But mostly, I laughed because “Expect Delays” is a common theme of my life right now, and yet I still haven’t adjusted.  As a matter of fact, the grumbling gets louder and nastier, with each delay I face.  The delays are usually expected, always a pain, but also usually worse than they warned or I thought.

But no matter what I do, I’m not going to get there any faster.  Sometimes, delays just happen.

How do you cope when you see a sign somewhere in your life, on a road, at work or in a dream you’re working towards that says

Caution:  Expect Delays

Maybe you have some tips for me.  {seriously, tips anyone?!}

I should have believed them

I should have believed them



  1. This was a good reminder for me. I ignore those signs all the time, thinking that it is just an empty warning, thinking that it won’t apply to me. Thanks for the reminder that it’s not just an empty warning! I needed that.

    I am learning that I can’t control people, places, or things (small list, huh?). In those moments of delay, I can choose to be angry or I can choose to be pleasant. It’s not always easy, but I have found freedom in knowing that I have a CHOICE.

    Thanks for the honesty!
    Sarah recently posted…Toddler Travel: A 12-Hour Road Trip!My Profile

    • Ah, control. That’s the bottom line issue for me- I need the reminder constantly that I have a choice.

      Thanks for visiting and for the reminder!

  2. I appreciated reading your blog. I can relate…my husband and I are moving from WV to Richmond,Va and have been trying to sell our house since the end of February. We have a reality sign in the yard but I think there must be a sign that says Expect Delays, also. We were so hopeful in the beginning but now we are so fearful of what the delay may cause. We know someone out there will eventually buy it but unsure of when. How much longer will it take? We did not expect this delay but we continue to PRAY! and each day, we learn the meaning of patience…

    • Praying with you Laura.

      Where in WV? My extended family and my husband and his family are all from there- beautiful country.

  3. Tracy@CrazyAsNormal says:

    I break into song. Especially if it’s in the car. I play my favorite current song on the iPhone and sing it like I’m auditioning for America’s Got Talent. My kids love (hate) it when I do that. 😉
    Tracy@CrazyAsNormal recently posted…Open Letter to Mr. Jack WagonMy Profile

  4. Rhonda @Wine-y-Wife says:

    There are few things that bother me more than feeling like I’m going to be late. I will go bat shit crazy if I’m not where I need to be 5 minutes early. Expect Delays seriously sucks! Good luck!
    Rhonda @Wine-y-Wife recently posted…And The Award Goes To…My Profile

  5. Advice.
    Well, I sure have been there and done exactly like you did. 🙂 But what I have learned is:
    1. Either I will continue in my wrong course until I am either:
    a. Humbled (humiliated) by the Lord, or
    b. Numb.
    2. Or else, I will be thankful. Yes, for the unfun things, I will be thankful and praise God that although He has everything under control, He has elected to do things His way I
    instead of mine.

    If I remember to be thankful, He will often show me things from His point of view, at which time, of course, I am amply able to agree with Him.
    I guess the easy way is just to agree with Him in the first place.
    If I remember…?
    Katharine Trauger recently posted…A Great Book! (so far)My Profile

  6. I don’t cope well, and I should. It does me no good to get all worked up about something I can’t change, and it just makes me stressed. So I try to keep calm, put on some good music on the radio, and chill. That works for a little while – then I call my husband to vent.
    Dana recently posted…A one hundred celebrationMy Profile

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