Vacation- Moments in Photos

Our vacation planning was tough this year, like most years.  I had a week off planned; we wanted something fun yet relaxing, and it needed to be not too far away, have a kitchen, be reasonably super low priced, and have activities on site.  Michael has had a rough summer, so being close by, very relaxing and have a kitchen was key (the biggest triggers for his CVS are travel, being overtired, and eating out).

But as my week off approached, we had no plans.  So I postponed 3 weeks, hoped Michael would be feeling better by then, and asked him to help plan this time.  He came up aces.  He found a lake house to rent about an hour away, a used jet-ski to buy to entertain us while we were there, and agreed to a day at Disney World to make it even better- all within our very small budget.  (One day we’re going to have help with all those darn medical bills and get to take a bigger budget vacation!)

But, in keeping with our traditions, he stayed sick much most of the week, Ben got a terrible infection and had to avoid the lake most of the week, baseball drama kept us fuming over that as much as relaxing one day, and our sweet dog died while we were gone.

I may have pouted about it all.  But I also found moments to lay in the hammock and read, or just listen for God.  He was there, just like He always is.  And without as many distractions it was easier to hear His voice.

And among the junk, were other moments that were priceless, and like everything in life, we had to choose to be thankful for the good between the bad. We found that Disney World will do their best to help kids with a sick dad have a great day anyway, we found a very kid friendly urgent care doctor to treat Ben quickly, we had a few friends share one day with us on the water, and we had quite a lot of together time.

Vacation- Moments in Photos


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