Life Is Good

We always have something going on in this family that acts as a speed bump.  So much so that over the years I’m almost more uncomfortable when there are none.  {Almost}  We dump a lot of plans because of Michael’s unexpected hospitalization or the build up of illness before it, and we always seem to have one child or the other sick as well.

But last week’s still threw me for a loop.  Though it shouldn’t, since a variation of this story seems to happen every two years.

I’ve had a very small and very slowly growing ‘something’ on my neck for several months, not of much concern.  But early last week I realized it was hurting, growing rapidly and very red.  Consensus was that I should see the doctor.  But I was traveling a few days and couldn’t get in ahead of that and really figured it would be okay to just wait and see if it went away.

So I spent the next few days convincing myself it wasn’t really that bad, and thinking it might just go away.  It didn’t.

Friday morning, I went in to the doctor and was promptly sent to the hospital.  I genuinely didn’t feel sick, though going in I’d known it was pretty bad.  The hope was that it was an infection of some sort, but could possibly be something even worse.  If infection, it’s location made it more dangerous than it might have been otherwise.  So, off I went.

Actually, first I was on a conference call for an hour or so getting some work done, then I sent out some emails, all while waiting for a call that I had a bed. I finally went and the same concerns were repeated, and potential plans were discussed.  I had some tests that night, and learned the next day that it was infection thank goodness, and started strong IV meds. Then some painful stuff happened {let’s just block that from memory} and we waited for meds to begin working and to figure out exactly what was growing.  The assumption was a really tough infection that would mean me going home on 10 days of meds through a PICC line.

Oddly enough, throughout the ordeal I felt pretty good.  Well, other than when my skin tried to crawl off as a reaction to the meds, but we switched meds and all was well.  So, feeling pretty good, Michael and I hung out and actually enjoyed some time together.  We watched about 10 episodes of Arrested Development, we watched football, we joked about our idea of a good date.  A few friends visited and my mom brought the kids to visit.  I even got to Facetime in to my birthday party.

Yeah, that part stunk.  I had joked with a friend about how something always comes up around my birthday, and hers was just last week, so we got together with another friend whose birthday is between ours, and planned a fun night.  I missed it.  Of course.

Eventually, the unexpected happened.  It was determined that I can take oral antibiotics, which meant going home and without a PICC line, which would have been a major speed bump to some plans over the next few weeks.  I felt like we’d broken out of jail!

Truthfully, there were some scary moments, and I’m grateful for the prayer and love from so many.

We hate the speed bumps, but without them we might forget how much we have to be thankful for.

So, back at home, back to work and back to hanging out with the kids I love.

Life is good.

some of the meds

some of the meds



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