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The kids have been in school for about 4 weeks now, and we decided to make a change to how we started our day.  Okay, I decided and had to find a way to get them on board.  Because here is how our normal school/work mornings look.

6:30 My first alarm  (hit snooze till it quits)

7:00 My second alarm  (turn off then lay there for a few)

7:05 Start waking everyone up

7:15 Get in shower

7:30 Realize that no one is actually yet up and moving though they are awake

7:31  Yelling to move! move! move! as I put on clothes, brush teeth and decide makeup and fixed hair is overrated

7:50 Grab stuff (including travel mug of coffee) while yelling:  brush teeth!  put on shoes!  we’ve all got to go! and getting quick kisses and hugs as I run out the door and hubs gets them finished and out to school.

That routine stinks. 

So we started this school year differently.  I convinced Drew that this was a great workout to help him with baseball, so now he is on board, and as tough as it is, it now starts us off MUCH MUCH better.

Now, we’re starting off right and the new school/work mornings look like this:

6:30 My alarm and Drew’s alarm go off.  I lay there till he comes in and ‘wakes’ me

6:38  We are dressed and out the door on our bikes.  Or, now that the mornings are getting darker, doing a cardio video on TV.  Bike time was especially great, as we were able to chat some and pick different routes each day

7:05  Walk in the door to hubs starting the dishwasher, picking out clothes or getting lunches ready

7:06  Make sure Ben is up, put him in the bath, and Drew and I head to different bathrooms to shower

7:20 Everyone out and getting dressed

7:30 Breakfast for the boys, me finishing up getting ready

7:40  Finish making lunches, checking backpacks, drink coffee

7:45 Kiss boys, walk out door as the guys do final prep to leave


It’s not been easy, and it gets tougher as we have to figure out an indoor activity that we’ll both enjoy until the time changes and we can start biking again.  But the difference it’s making is well worth it.

What are your tips for getting the right start to your day?






  1. That’s a great routine! I bet all that bike riding will really get Drew ready for sports! It’s been so incredibly hot (our first year in Arizona), that the thought of getting outside and exercising (other than taking the boat to the lake and swimming all day) has been out of the question. Once it gets above 105, I’m pretty much useless outside.

    Now that fall is coming, a walk sounds good. We’ll probably have to do it after school since the bus picks him up at 7am. They start school early to keep the kids out of most of the heat of the day.
    Terrye recently posted…Do You Think You REALLY Know Me? Probably Not.My Profile

    • Yikes, 7am is early! We’re in Florida, so understand the heat. My car still read 110 when I got in it at lunch today.

      By the way, I didn’t comment but loved your post today. It hit home in many ways.

  2. Oh, how I can relate to your old morning routine. I was finding that by the time we all finally got ready and out the door, we were super stressed! Instead of sending boys to school that were feeling confident and equipped for the day, I was sending boys that were already stressed and frustrated. Some super mom, huh?

    I love that you and Drew get to spend that time together in the morning. I am sure it is time that you cherish.

    As for figuring a better schedule out for our household, we started having the boys take their showers right before they go to bed and since I have joined the #5club, I make their lunches and get their backpacks ready to go so that once they wake up, I can focus solely on getting them dressed and fed. It helps to avoid that rushed feeling.

    I feel so much better sending them off without having acted like a lunatic woman 🙂

    • That lunatic woman makes a regular appearance at our house!

      I so wish nighttime showers were an option, but morning is necessary in our house :/

  3. I love your morning routine! We were all ready to get ours back on track this morning and then our power went out! I love that you exercise together in the mornings – that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing this.
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    • Bumps like power going out certainly make it tough! Today we decided to NOT get up, but we were still up earlier than normal and still started off way better. Sometimes detours off the plan are good too!

  4. Love this. Go to bed early is my only tip on getting up earlier (lol)
    Michelle /

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