Come Home

Do you see the same stars and sky tonight?
Are you warm and dry with a friend to make you laugh?
Do you hear melodies that calm your soul?
Are you held tight by one who knows your heart?
Do you long to come home?


Maybe the stars are watched with their maker.
Maybe the joy never ends.
Maybe the songs are true and sweet and full of praise.
Maybe the very one who made your heart holds you tonight.

Maybe you are home.


These were the words of my heart a few days ago as I was reminded that despite us missing Austin, God knows where he is, and some days that has to be enough.

It’s the very reason that I can be hopeful.

The hope doesn’t come in believing we’ll find him alive, but in believing that God has this. God has him.

Are you in a place today where you wonder if God is there, if he sees you or hears you? I’m there sometimes, wondering if despite His love for me, my hopes and dreams don’t matter as much as others.

But he says this-

Come Home. Rest in me.

No matter where we are, Home is waiting.



Looking skyward from our Home


  1. keep hoping…although I am certain that is difficult to do some days…I pray you find answers and support…
    april recently posted…Detour: The Real Deal…My Profile

  2. Malinda Hoyt says:

    So well said, and says so well what I feel and believe also.

  3. Anita, this is beautiful. All of it is breathtaking. Yesterday I was thinking how close to God I feel, which is a wonderful feeling because sometimes He feels so far away. Thanks for this post. It is a great way to start my day–and I’m sure everyone feels the same way. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us so that you can bring us closer to God even though you suffer with the unknown. Continue to hope and pray!
    Shay recently posted…Fly on the Wall II: The Dear God, this Is Actually My Life EditionMy Profile

  4. Oh Anita. So so beautiful. Although that I believe that God does have Austin, I still pray that you and your family receive the answers you need and deserve. Hugs, friend. Big ones.

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