Why I love Halloween

When I was little, I wanted to be a monkey.  Not for Halloween, but all the time.  Olympic gymnast was a long time dream.  Then I hoped to be a marine biologist, then a psychologist, followed by working in sports administration, which after a long round about path through event planning, non-profit management and fundraising, has eventually led to me to work in software.  If you look at my path from what I wanted to do to where I am, it would seem that I’m off track.  But if you truly followed the steps, you’d see that each step led to another in a meaningful way that eventually led me to a something that I never knew I wanted to do but fits so well with my skills and desires.  And it took a lot of people to help me get there.

I think that’s what I love about this week.  We can all go back to the days of dreaming about what we want to be, and for one night a year, we open our doors to strangers who trick or treat and greet each other with smiles, helping the dream feel real.  We’re cautious as we drive, watching for firemen, princesses and superheros in our sights. We pretend to be braver and stronger.


We encourage dreaming.  We reward creativity.

As we grow up, we often give up on dreaming.  We forget who we wanted to be.  We forget how to dream big and we stop believing that we can be brave and strong.

What did you dream of when you were little?

Maybe I can’t really become a monkey or reach the Olympics.  Okay, I definitely can’t.  But I can remember the dreams and find elements of myself that maybe I’d lost. I can use the help of those around me, who encourage my dreams and see the possibilities.

What are your dreams now?

Watch this week- the kids who dream of being something different, the parents who encourage the creativity, the friends who open their doors and reward all of those.

Let’s recapture that.  Dream big this week, but don’t throw the dream off at the end of the week.


  1. I wanted to be a pilot. But all I wanna do now is to be able to sleep 8 hours per day 🙂 Great post!
    Jhanis recently posted…My Third World Kitchen-Steamed Fried Rice with Pork ToppingMy Profile

    • Oh, I hear you on that one. Sadly, I do now sleep 8 hours and I dream of 10. I don’t know why I’ve always required a lot of sleep, but I do!

  2. I wanted to be Indiana Jones when I was a kid. We have some Halloween traditions at our house and it’s fun to watch my girls make cookies and paint pumpkins. My wife also takes pride in handmaking costumes. Maybe she can make me an Indiana Jones costume!
    David Mike recently posted…From Drugs to SellingMy Profile

  3. Anita, I love this so much! Yes! Let’s dream big. We’re dressing up with my son for Halloween because he deserves for it to be fun and amazing. The photo of you as a little girl is priceless!!

  4. My dream now? It’s funny. My dreams seem to get simpler as time goes on. My dream is to feel content with life– whatever it brings, big or little surprises. To enjoy the present. Sounds so cliche but it’s true. Great post!
    Julie Chenell DeNeen recently posted…Banned from ChurchMy Profile

    • That makes sense actually- I think my dreams now are about ultimate contentment- though sometimes they’re big dreams, in the end they are about finding quiet and peace and just being with my family.

  5. I will try to remember this tomorrow when I am teaching the first and second graders at church 🙂
    April Best recently posted…Under Construction…My Profile

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