Not About the Turkey

A peek at social media during November and you’ll know immediately that it’s the season of thanks.  I don’t participate in the 30 days of thanks, just because to me it feels forced and something to worry about making sure you don’t forget anyone or hurt feelings.  But it’s also because I’m sometimes overwhelmed with gratitude to a point of not being able to express it.

We’re blessed.  Truly.  No other way to say it.

And as much as I want to say that Thanksgiving is just about being together and enjoying family and friends, we *may* have been stress balls trying to get our house ready for guests.  Michael’s sister and her family are spending a few days with us, and we are pretty excited about that.  Our time with his family is rare, and them traveling to us has been happening about once a year since long travel for us became too hard.  It’s hard for some of his family to understand his illness or the difficulties we face because of it, and that’s caused some issues.  Which makes it even more special when we have time with some of them.

And we like them.  You know how you love family but have some you just don’t like?  These are not them.  We like them and love them.  Awesome.
So it should be easier to just relax, let the house be what it is and enjoy them.  But instead, Michael is trying to get 82 last minute things done, I’m shopping and meal prepping and organizing and cleaning.  And working.

What about you- have you mastered “relax and enjoy it” or are you so busy cooking and baking and planning that you’re feeling more stressed than grateful?  If you’re like me and haven’t, these are the things I’m reminding myself, and you may want to also:

It’s not about the Turkey.

pieOr the dressing, pies, cranberry or potatoes.

It’s not about the perfect table setting.

Or photo worthy outfits.

It’s not about the Black Friday shopping.

Or Thanksgiving evening shopping.

It’s about being together, being thankful for memories with those not with you, and having one whole day to reflect on all we have and all those who helped us get here.

From my family to yours- Happy Thanksgiving.

p.s.  The easy delicious caramel pie I’m making in the photo is courtesy of my friend Jill at Made with Moxie.  You can find her recipe here.


  1. I wish I could invite you over. Hey, pie for you?
    Jill || Made with Moxie recently posted…How to bring home yards of fabric so your husband won’t say a wordMy Profile

  2. I definitely relax during Thanksgiving. I love every single thing about it–and Christmas and the entire season, which I think officially starts at Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Anita!
    Shay recently posted…My Thanksgiving Thankful ListMy Profile

  3. Yes!!! Exactly this! It is so not about the turkey, or the stress, or the worry…My Thanksgiving was less than ideal, but we had warm food, laughter, and gratitude. Blessed. Lucky, even. Hugs and happiness to you, friend!!!

    • Ours ended up a bit less than ideal too- the family didn’t make it in, and the whole idea of being together being what matters is even harder when you don’t end up together. BUT, we have amazing friends who opened their doors and it turned into a pretty great day anyway.

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