I’m a skilled sleeper.  I have been known to fall asleep in movies, concerts, once in a comedy show, and regularly in my son’s bed when laying down with him “for just a minute.”  In college I’d rather go to bed early than go out most of the time, and it’s even more true now.

But rest… rest is an entirely different thing.  And I’m not good at it.

Rest is about refreshing, recharging, healing.  It’s about quieting and just being.

And I don’t know how to do that.  I must check my email, social media, text messages, etc.  I must be doing something productive to feel the time is worthwhile, or at the very least be doing something.

But rest and laziness are not the same, as rest has true value in itself.

This week, Michael is back in the hospital after about a month of being ill, with the past week quite bad.  I told him many times that not being able to participate in things they way he wants to and should be able to doesn’t make him any less valuable or loved.  Because his body needs the rest, and when pushed only punishes him.  Though he hates it, he’s now to the point where we have to force rest, because the only other option is terrible nausea and constant vomiting.  There are a lot of meds forcing it, giving it time to get past this episode.

I’ve made the decision in the past few days to let this be a season of more rest for me too.  I’m not sure all that entails, but I’m praying about it, because my natural inclination is to try to do it all.  Some projects need to fall by the wayside, for now at least, to free my mind for rest, which can lead to wonderful things.  And closer relationships with those who matter most- God, our family and our friends.

Do you push so hard that you never rest?  Have you asked yourself why, or planned when it will slow enough that you get that much needed rest?

God can reach us through the unrest, but it’s sometimes so much easier to hear Him when we rest.



  1. “God can reach us through the unrest, but it’s sometimes so much easier to hear Him when we rest.” Such powerful words. Rest is beautiful and purposeful – and it’s something I tend to push away. Thank you for the reminder today, Anita. I needed it.
    Ronne recently posted…The Journey Not Carefully Planned.My Profile

  2. I’m like you…I always need to stay busy and I have a hard time to rest. My outlet is hiking. That’s when it is quiet time and I recharge, out in nature. Our lives are so busy, it’s hard, but your post is a great reminder what can come to us when we do rest.
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    • Doing something that occupies your body but frees your mind is such a good way to rest- it’s not usually the physical we need as much as the mental.

  3. <3

  4. Magical Mystical Mimi says:

    I find the place I am most at “rest” is outdoors. I also feel the closest to God and all He created.. I’m not one who requires a full 8 hours of sleep, or even 6 hours but I am one who needs my rest.. Everyone does..
    Stopping by from Bloppy Bloggers on Facebook.
    Praying for Michael’s healing and comfort.

    • I’m jealous of not needing many hours of sleep! But you’re right, that you need rest regardless. I’m also usually most at rest in the outdoors. Especially high on a mountain, or on a beach early in the morning before others.

  5. Why we are programmed to feel we should soldier on and are somehow weak if we rest?!
    God’s first example was to structure our work & rest! Yet I Run on empty feel awful & struggle wondering why!!
    Thank you for sharing such a wisdom & I’m praying for you & Micheal- hospital is no fun 🙁
    Carolyn recently posted…Hanging on!My Profile

    • What a great point that we often forget- God gave us the example and directions to rest. And for so many of us, our day of rest has become a day of work, or even a day of work in the church, but all without much rest.

  6. I can’t even begin to type how much I relate to this. I’m so tired. Always so tired. Well, not always but too often. Although I almost disliked today as my son’s school is cancelled, AGAIN, I liked playing in the snow with him. But it was too short, and yeah, I’m so tired. Almost always!! You rock for writing this.

    • I think most moms are always tired- making even more important that we try to find these moments of rest. 18+ years without it is a long time!

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