Crazy Good

The bad news? I’ve been neglectful of my blog.

The good news? Life is pretty good right now in a lot of ways, and I’m truly enjoying some time away.

Life is crazy. But life is good.

I wanted to share a few things with you though.

1. This. Are you in the business of loving people? Especially if you’re a Christian, you should read this. And share this.

2. This. Are you ever in the business of being hurt? Of course you are. So read this. And share this.

3. This. This is my heart. Despite the little one demanding that we let him move to Tallahassee.


Though I’m more quiet here for right now, I’d love to keep connecting with you on a daily basis. If you’re not already, come find me on Twitter. Don’t get Twitter? That’s okay, you’ll figure it out quickly. You can also connect with me daily on Facebook here. I share my craziness wit daily.

How’s life for you?

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