You Know You’re a Working Mom When… Beautiful Realities

I recently read this post that all working moms can relate to. It’s pretty good. I think the author, Rebecca Rose, and I could be fast friends. We could sit over a cup of coffee, or better yet a glass of wine, and connect.

She so vividly and accurately wrote of the challenges and heartaches of a working mom. (and please, oh my gosh please don’t let this turn into a battle of how you define ‘working’- for purposes here, it means a full time employed outside the home mom.) She made my heart ache a bit.

And she concluded with encouraging words to us, that despite it all we’re doing okay. But I got to thinking…. sometimes as Moms, we focus on the challenges and let the guilt build, and forget to see the amazing things too. So go read that and you’ll see some truth. But there is more truth.

Beyond the ugly realities, here are some beautiful realities.

You Know You’re a Working Mom When….

Your  kids know that your time is scarce and the time you set aside for them alone is even more precious and tells them how much you love them.

You Know You’re a Working Mom When….

You gladly use your vacation and sick time anytime possible to see their school awards, nurse them to health or visit their class, because you’d rather be there for them during those times than anywhere else.

You Know You’re a Working Mom When….

Your kids introduce you to the friends you don’t know well, telling them about how you help people, build cool things or are in charge of a big department. No professional award can measure up to that.

You Know You’re a Working Mom When….

Your kids never question their ability to grow up and be anything they want to be, including a SAHM.

You Know You’re a Working Mom When….

You learn to use the short special moments to their fullest- the car ride and bedtime are your greatest multitasking achievement of the day- pairing a necessary task with investing in your relationship.

You Know You’re a Working Mom When….

You’re teaching your kids that you’ll do anything for your family, including be away from them all day if needed.


Our experiences are all different, our reasons for either staying home or working away from home all being different. Me? I’d always pursue a career, but might do it differently if I had it 100% my way. Many of my mom friends feel the same.

There are beautiful realities in any circumstance. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of them.


  1. I wrote something last week, based on something Rachel (Tao of Poop) had written for feeling she was “just” a SAHM. This is a great post to remind us working mom’s that no matter what your decision was it was the right one
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    • Yes, I believe the key is knowing that there is good and bad about any decision or circumstance (sometimes the SAHM v WM isn’t a decision) and we have to try to see it all. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I’ve always been lucky enough to stay home part of the time and work part of the time. Now I work full-time hours, but I get to be with my kids most of the day while doing so. It’s wonderful! You’re right: Whatever works for the mom/kids/family. If that means staying home full-time: awesome. If it means working full-time: awesome. If it means a combination of both: awesome! Great post!
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  3. My son Tucker is, for the first time ever, aware that mom works. While he begs for me to not go, he also knows (I hope) that I will (I hope) come back and that he will (I hope) have fun with his sitter. I did stay home for a while and while I have green-grass syndrome on those days, I was really lonely and bored. I work part time now…and still wish for full time work, and full time mom. You’re right – what works, works, and it’s all beautiful.

    • It’s all hard! But I do believe you’re teaching him great things by knowing that you always come back.

  4. I am always surprised when people think a SHAM is NOT a working mom! I was fortunate to be a SHAM for the first 4 years of Lauren’s life, and since then (for more than 25 years) I work outside of the home. But I’ll tell you this, a home-working-mom is at least as difficult as an out-side-working mom. Time is limited no matter which one you choose. That said, now that my daughter is a mom of her own, she thinks I should have lots and lots of time for her and her daughter because she does not. Go figure!
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  5. I have had the pleasure of knowing many working moms, and this post totally hits home from my own experience of various friends and family members who have gone above and beyond as a working mom- I am utterly amazed at how hard they work to fulfill both roles so beautifully.
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  6. I work and so this post definitely resonates with me! Spending my vacation days and sick leave – yes, it’s mostly always sick leave for kin!! And, bedtime routine….my highlight of the day, when I chat with them while they’re brushing and then read a book! Really heart this post!!
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