8 Years

If you turn the number 8 sideways, it looks a lot like the infinity sign.

If you’ve lived without knowing where your brother is for 8 years, it feels a lot like you’re turned all sideways and have been for infinity. But that sideways becomes your norm and you function quite well walking around sideways.

But after 8 years, I can still hear his laugh with no trouble. And in those moments it seems like maybe I’ve made all this up and he’s here, that at most I just saw him yesterday.

That’s what it’s like. Forever and yesterday, and turned sideways and sometimes feeling right side up, tears and laughter.

There is no new news, no new search or anything to mark the day. Sometimes that’s the way it is after 8 years. You get up, go to work, love your kids, go see a movie with friends, and carry on. I’m okay with that today. I couldn’t forget if I wanted to, but today I choose to focus on the laugh. My oldest ‘baby’ comes home from camp today and I’ve missed him and will hug him lots! One of our best friends is leaving in another week and we’ll hang out with his family and laugh. Each year is a bit different, and we each handle it differently. And there are other sorrows I could easily focus on right now, but not today.

Job 8:21

He will once again fill your mouths with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.



  1. Very moving.
    UP recently posted…Friday, Friday, Friday!My Profile

  2. Wes Hammons says:

    I love the message here, and it’s presented in a good fashion. Don’t sell yourself short Anita!
    Wes Hammons recently posted…A Room Full Of Speakers, And I Had Nothing To SayMy Profile

  3. “Anniversaries” are really tough- I’m sorry that you are hurting so much. I pray that you get news- some news -any news. I can’t imagine that pain – thank you for sharing your tender heart. I am praying for you x

  4. Loved it. Really interesting stuff. Keep up the good work

  5. Piper Felton says:

    Loved it. Of all your blogs I think this has probably been my favourite. Catch you later.

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