This will be quick, because it’s been late and I’ve been working for a LONG time today. I had some brainstorming happen out of the blue, and I had to put the work into it right then! So, I’ve made some {small} changes to my site, pulled {what felt like a bunch of} my hair out over things I had to figure out, and will relax for a bit now {until I fall asleep in about 90 seconds} knowing I’ve marked a few things off my to do list.

In this new journey of small biz ownership, I’m quickly realizing a few things:

– we all knowledge/skills/wisdom that are unique to us, and we can offer
– that includes me. I know I can help others launch or grow, based on the years of experience and passion I have. It’s true!

I’ve been thrilled this week to receive some encouragement and advice from a fellow business owner, hear about the personal motivations and success of another, and offer some help of my own.

I believe you have some things no one else has, or no one has your spin or experiences in. Don’t ever forget that! I’m reminding myself of the same.


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Hey! I'm always working on something or another to help others with their goals. I try to pass along what I learn, and maybe we can all succeed together in whatever we're working towards. I also share from my crazy life, so get ready for some interesting tales.

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