He Knows Your Name

I have the moments. Sometimes they’re long moments. Where I think I’m forgotten. By God, by people, by luck or fate or whatever other forces people think are at work in the universe. Because I’m often dealing with the dark things of a sometimes lonely life, and can’t imagine that I’m not alone.

And then, a message comes. Someone I don’t know very well, just an acquaintance really, told me that she’d been told by God to give me a message. She didn’t know why, she felt uncomfortable, but knew it had to be done. That message? These simple words, “you are not forgotten.”

She had no idea how much it was needed, or how it would be more meaningful coming from someone who really didn’t know what I was facing.

*****Now, fast forward… because I started writing this blog post in 2014, when I was feeling forgotten and lost. I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but I remember the feeling. I just pulled it out and dusted it off to give it a quick finish. Because 3.5 years later, not much has changed– and that’s hard in some ways, but also beautiful in others. Because no matter what, that truth remains. He knows me, loves me, and hasn’t forgotten me. I find comfort in that, and comfort in friends and family who still let me know that.

Why am I sharing that with you? Because such a large portion of people I love are facing the hardest of days right now. From illness, to serious financial hardships, to loss of loved ones, or loss of what they thought their future looked like. And maybe you’re having dark days too, the kind that feel like the sun may never rise. I’m not sure what your beliefs are specifically, but I pray that you find the peace that comes from knowing that you are known. And loved. Oh my friends, so loved.

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