a note for the strugglers

Over the past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to encourage myself and others as we chase goals and dreams. I’m passionate about helping others do that, and LOVE that I’m building a small business around the skills I’ve honed in the corporate and non-profit world that I can tailor to other small business owners. I’m truly excited about what’s to come. (And you can get more info on that here)


I’ve also been writing and sharing these things during the toughest season of my life to date. And y’all, if you’ve followed me at all, you know I don’t really have easy seasons . But this has still been the most daunting. So, this hasn’t been my high time of productivity and smashing goals and really believing in myself. Some days, it’s been a struggle to just get up.

If you’re in one of those seasons, I get it. You may just be trying to not give in completely, or are holding on to some big ideas to help get you through as you dream about better things to come. Offer yourself grace. Heck, even if this is the easiest and best season of your life and there are no struggles (which is literally no one), offer yourself grace.

There is so much beauty in the struggle. It’s not an “excuse” and don’t get me started about some of these people who will try to tell you that any reason you have for not doing it all are just excuses– nopity nope.

But don’t give up. Put some things aside and handle the stuff you need to if you must. But come back soon, dust them off, and keep heading towards that brighter day. You and me both.

until tomorrow,


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Hey! I'm always working on something or another to help others with their goals. I try to pass along what I learn, and maybe we can all succeed together in whatever we're working towards. I also share from my crazy life, so get ready for some interesting tales.

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