Almost 14 years ago, I started working for a national non-profit, spending hours upon hours each week out in the community. I was building relationships, training volunteers, training staff on new fundraising software, securing sponsorships, and planning 8200 details for each event I was responsible for. A few years later, I transitioned to join a software company that worked with other large non-profits, and learned so much more about how technology + personal connections could really increase our success.

I loved it!

Since then, my knowledge has grown and I have had increasing success with utilizing digital marketing to help organizations reach their goals. I wanted to share this SUCCESS STORY, to help others see how 1 event helped build visibility, engagement, and the potential for long term relationships, EVEN when 3/4ths of the event had to be cancelled!

Saved $$$, increased reach, and increased the opportunities we have to engage again. That’s a W!

So, I wanted to share the details with you, to help you find that same kind of success.

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Hey! I'm always working on something or another to help others with their goals. I try to pass along what I learn, and maybe we can all succeed together in whatever we're working towards. I also share from my crazy life, so get ready for some interesting tales.

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