All these people going somewhere…

I’m headed to Houston, and somehow ended up with two stops to get there. Jacksonville to Charlotte, Charlotte to New Orleans and New Orleans to Houston. Not exactly a direct path.

But I’m here with an army of Monday morning commuters, all scrambling to get somewhere… a client visit, a sales prospect, a training or some other ‘gotta get there’ locale.

I don’t know where I’m headed. I mean, I know where I’m going today. But airports always spark a reminder for me that there are so many yet to be explored places. I see city names and think of what potential might be there, what lies ahead for the people at that gate. And I face the reality that I’m not really headed where I want to be.

I enjoy my job, and love the challenges that come daily. I’m fortunate to have that and I know it.

But yet… I literally fantasize about doing something that truly reaches people. I dream of finding a way to share my story and share hope. Not hope that things will always turn out okay. But real hope, that we are not alone through anything, that God loves us and has a plan for us. That he can use us through the bad we’ve done or experienced.

Today I’m heading to Houston. But I’m continuing to take one small step at a time to that place I really want to be. And maybe one day I’ll be getting on a plane to speak to groups about this message. In the meantime, where I’m at isn’t so bad.

Maybe like my indirect route to Houston, I’m just taking a bit longer to get there.

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