Every bad day has some good in it if you look.  One day while we were still in the hospital this week, the boys came so we could have lunch together.  I love this open space to enjoy some time together, and they love this open space to run and play.   

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Labor Day Blues

Yesterday was a holiday, the end to a much anticipated long weekend. A planned beach day, a fun day. But yet again we found ourselves in a familiar spot, the emergency room.

Michael’s chronic health issues have an impact on almost everything we do as a family. He avoids triggers during rough times and starts treating early. I know the cues and know how to manage his care the best possible. I should have a honorary nursing degree. After twelve years, it’s not something that’s okay but it’s something we manage.

I sometimes get concerned that our boys have to manage more than they should, that Drew must know too much about bad days and how to help when needed. But he also knows that dad always gets better and always comes home. He’s learning that though some days are bad, life can still be good.

He has to learn that lesson with a missing uncle and with an often sick dad. But we face both the same way, with honesty on a level he understands and lots of communication. Just like we need to let him know it’s okay to be sad and miss someone, it’s also okay to get tired and pray for change to the situation.

But it’s not okay to let it be an excuse. It’s not okay to believe every day will be bad. It won’t. His dad is a great example of not letting something bad stop him, just working around it. He shows them daily how to persevere and I believe that our boys will grow stronger and be more caring as a result of all they’ve faced. But I also hope they’ll be happy and believe in good days ahead always.

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Some Days Suck

My post title today isn’t very proper sounding, isn’t very creative, and almost makes me cringe.  But the thing is, some days just do suck.  Today is one of those days.  I’m facing challenges at work that seem insurmountable, I have a bad headache, and I just want to curl up in a blanket.  Home has been stressful too, with a crazy schedule and lack of time to connect.

I try to be positive all the time, but some days just require realizing that life can be tough.  But the key is…. I KNOW it will get better.  I KNOW that I’ll get past this and that there will always be rough days, but there will also be days that are amazing and they’ll outweigh the bad.  Today isn’t a happy day, but today is a day I still have joy, because that isn’t based on circumstances but on a faith that God is good no matter.

Austin lost his joy.  But I hope that today, each of you reading this remembers that you have reason to have joy even if today sucks.  Tomorrow is another day.