Needed Some Happy…

I needed some happy and some beauty today as I pull myself out of a funk. So, I thought I’d share it with you, because maybe you too need the reminder that the world is a place full of wonder and beauty.


sunrisesunsetSunrise over Fort Lauderdale, Florida


537446_10151298533738762_1868271586_nSunset over our house

Abaco Islands, Bahamas

A special beach- Abaco Islands, Bahamas


trees_sunSun shining over a search


Praying over you my friends. For eyes that are open to beauty and wonder, and for reminder of it when you need them.


Mother’s Day Wish List

In case you haven’t realized it by the calendar, the sappy commercials or the stores filled with cards, Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Seriously, if this is your first clue, run.  Run now!  Go find something that will make your mom, or the mother of your children, know how special she is.  Need suggestions?

Here is my Mother’s Day wish list:

*  A child who does what I say WHEN I SAY IT.  Yes, my nine year old will eventually, on his own time frame, do what I asked.  But there will likely be a stop at the TV, a drink to get, or some other thing that slows him down.  This child is slow like molasses.  If you can find the magic elixir for that, my husband will need to buy gallons for me for Mother’s Day.

*  An extra day of the week for a regular beach day- sometimes alone.  The thing is, we fill up almost every moment with something.  I refuse to skip baseball games or leave my kids very often when it’s not for work.  But if I had that one extra day….

*  A big fancy vacation.  Yeah, that’s not happening.  Though we are escaping for a one night stay somewhere local for our anniversary Sunday night.  I’ll take it.

*  1000 hugs and kisses from my monsters.  Some of which I don’t even have to hold them down for.

*  A pedicure.  (Hmm, I may be able to make this one happen….)

My Mom and Jester, as seen in the Florida Times-Union

*  Time to say ‘thanks’ to the greatest mom I know, mine.

To all the moms who inspire me.  To all the moms who love on my kids.  To all the moms who’ve raised theirs and give me advice.  To my friends who are moms to be.  Wishing you a day of remembering that you’re amazing.

XOXO  Anita