Solution vs. Mixture

Last night Drew was telling me about what he’s been learning in school, in his new favorite subject, science.  I loved the enthusiasm in his voice, as he asked if I knew the difference between a mixture and a solution.  He started to tell me, but thought that a much better idea was to make an example of each at home, so he could do more than just tell us, but could show us.  I thought maybe they had been doing experiments in class to help them fully grasp it, but that wasn’t the case, he just wanted to demonstrate it to us in a fun way.  Great idea!

He pulled out the chocolate powder and the milk, and began to stir them together, explaining that as the powder dissolves into the milk, they become one and can’t be separated back out.

He then took a few crackers and a chip and put them together, explaining that this was a mixture because they each maintained their identity and could be separated out again.

I started thinking about how a) smart my child is and b) how cool it is when the relationships we have are solutions, not mixtures.  Real relationships are those where you can’t just separate the people, but where lives have come together as a solution.  The best parts of each are combined, and together you can be better than you were apart. 

Sometimes can certainly be more than just people also.  A mixture involving you and God has little power.  A solution where God can no longer be separated from you, where He is a part of you, that has power. 

I’m so thankful for people in my life who love me enough to be part of my solution, and a God who loves me to be a main ingredient that holds the solution together.  And for a child who is excited about learning and sharing and is demonstrated true solutions daily through people who love him.