Changing Plans

I love a plan. I like knowing what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen, and where it’s going to happen. And I’d like to know what will happen if the original plan changes. I sometimes plan for worst case more than best case, just so I’m ready for the tougher road.

But even then, the unexpected happens and I’m really thrown. Not so much on the small things, because for those I’ve usually planned to be flexible. (side note: I’ve always planned for flexibility or spontaneity which can seem like lack of plan, but is just my own crazy plan!). But when big changes are going on, I’ve always struggled.

That’s when I have to be reminded that I don’t hold the plans. I can’t see the whole picture. I can let go.

I never planned to be the sister of a missing person. Then once I was, I never planned to stay on this journey for a year, much less five. I never planned for a lot of other changes. Like having our youngest son, finding a new career path, making friendships with unexpected people, or having my mom part of daily life…. if life followed all my plans, I’d miss out on so much.

His plans are better than mine could ever be.

I’ll just keep reminding myself. A lot.

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