Almost two years ago I started writing this blog, quite unsure of where it might go, if I’d keep it up and how much I’d really be able to share.  I had no real goals for it, besides being an outlet to share my story of losing Austin and our search for him, but also of my ongoing healing process.

Two days ago my blog hit a pretty big milestone, of having 10,000 page views (not counting my own, thank you).  For any noteworthy blogs, that’s a number they hit each day, so I realize it’s a very small number really.  But for me it’s big- it’s taken a lot of courage for me to write, and to ask others to read.  Each time I write I begin to question if what I said has any value in being put out there, if I’ve revealed too much, if I’ve painted to rosy a picture, if I’ve said anything that might help anyone.  So for someone have taken time to look at something I wrote, 10,000 times, means to me that this is worthwhile and may help someone as much as it helps me.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, and thank you for encouraging me along the way.  Thank you.

I’m starting to set some goals, and starting to look into promoting this little project.  The views per post continue to grow, but if I’m to reach my real goal of sharing our story and our message of hope with a wider audience, I realize it takes more than just posting it.  But without your support, I never would have the courage to start trying to promote it, so again- thank you.

I care much less about the 10,000 than I do about the 1- the 1 who may read something they needed to read that day.  The 1 will always be my focus.

and p.s.  for my friends who long surpassed my little milestone, tips are welcome! 

Days of Blah

I haven’t posted much recently, and I don’t even have a good reason, except that I’ve been blah.  I’ve been going through the motions of life, getting through to the next day, the next weekend, the next project.  I haven’t been enjoying much of it, but haven’t been particularly not enjoying it either.  I’ve just been blah.

A lot of it has to do with it being the week of my birthday, and feeling like I’ve passed all the big milestones in life. And as much as I love where we are in our lives right now, it feels like so much of the same ahead, with no goals to work towards or big things ahead.  And the grind of this great life is exhausting, with no slowdown in sight, and wondering if there will ever be time to rest.  But I remind myself, that being in a good place and having much more of the same isn’t a bad thing, even when it’s not perfect.  And you know, things are never boring, there is always something around the corner to turn life upside down.

So for today, I’m going to be thankful for blah.  Thankful for no world rocking news or stresses.   Those will come soon enough.