Growing through Crisis

Ten years ago our nation was in crisis, a crisis greater than we had seen in our generation.  It’s the type of thing that makes us think back to the exact place and time when we learned that our world was forever changed.  But on a personal level, we were already in a bit of crisis.  Michael and I had just married and been stationed in Mississippi.  We were just learning the extent of his illness when he was deployed on September 6th.  A few days later he was in the hospital yet again, thousands of miles away from me, and watched the horror of the 11th from his hospital bed.  It was such an uncertain time, as a portion of his battalion was quickly sent to Afghanistan and we didn’t know what was next.

Since then we’ve faced more crisis, including more health issues than I could have imagined, times of financial struggle, loss of loved ones, and the constant struggle of the search for Austin.

Sometimes we ask where God is in the midst of such crisis.  I was reminded yesterday of a verse that speaks so much.  Romans 8:28 says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, whohave been called according to his purpose”   I have to also be reminded though, that what I see as good isn’t the same as what God does.  I see it from a selfish standpoint.  God sees the whole picture, of both my life and the world.  For me the key is that in all things God works.  He doesn’t sit idly by.  He is working, moving, shaping.  He is there.

It is in times of crisis that we allow God in, that we allow His work to be most seen.  And it is through crisis that the most growth and change can occur.  None of us want it.  We would all let it pass us by.  But yet, it comes.  And for those who let themselves see God work, and experience His love, we grow.

I’m amazed by people around us who continue to face crisis with strength.  I think it’s because they have had so much opportunity to grow and have God work. Imagine a life with no challenge, a life with no crisis.  There can be little growth.  Same for our country, our churches and our families.  Through much pain comes much greatness.

Today we are stronger as a nation, and we’re stronger as a family.  I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I have to assume it won’t be any easier, but at least I’ll be stronger.