A New Year: 2013

We are ready for a New Year- 2012 was not our best.  I shared thoughts reflecting on the Christmas season and looking ahead to 2013 on Time’s Up Blog today.  I hope you’ll visit there to read today.

A New Year: 2013!

Wishing you all the best in 2013,

Austin, We Will Always Remember

As the five year mark of Austin being missing approaches, so did time for me to write another guest post on Time’s Up.  I shared some thoughts and hope you’ll visit there and read them.

Then, check out ‘About Austin’ and help us remember him over the next few weeks especially.  Milestones are difficult, but also give us the chance to remember and share more about him.

Thanks for letting me share my journey. 

Austin, we will always remember.

Loud and Clear

I’m once again sharing with you by way of ‘Time’s Up‘ and hope that you’ll visit there to read my latest blog post.  This time inspired by a protesting dad at our school…. be heard, just make sure you’re matching your words and your actions.

Read ‘Loud and Clear’

Fair for All

This morning I’m sharing my thoughts on ‘Time’s Up’ and hope you’ll visit there. I’m off to start this busy day, and hoping you can find encouragement in today’s post.

Visit it here, and let me know your thoughts!

Another Saturday Morning

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest blog post on Time’s Up and wanted to share that here. It’s about a domestic violence murder on my street… I think it’s worth a read and hope you do too.

Read it here.

Big Day, Little World

It’s a big day in my little world, and I’m a bit speechless.  A few week’s ago I submitted an inquiry about being a blogger on Time’s Up, a blog about searching out solutions for victim’s of crime.  I don’t know how large the audience is, or even care.  I was given the chance to share my voice with others, and today shared my introduction.  I will be praying over what to share each month I’m given the chance, because someone may read my words who needs encouragement.  I take that seriously.

Please visit Time’s Up and read through some of the thoughts shared.  They represent different views and different stories, but are all a glimpse into people’s lives.  Today, it’s a glimpse into mine.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.