Welcome: A New Day

You found me!  Thanks for wandering over one way or another- I’d love you to stay and chat a while.  Pull up a chair, get comfy.  Have some coffee, or some wine and I’ll join you.


I spent just over two years writing and sharing on a blog site that will always hold my heart.  But sometimes you outgrow your first love, and realize that you’ll always look back with fond memories, but know it’s time to move on.  That site wasn’t just a place I stopped now and then.  It was a place where I began to share my thoughts and feelings, as a real form of therapy.  Up until I began sharing there, I found it much easier to ignore the hurt and loss, and keep plugging ahead.  It was easier.  This sharing stuff is not easy.  There are days I question myself, and days I want to stay silent.  And sometimes I do.

But the reason I keep writing is no longer just to help me.  Now I write in the hope that someone else who’s in a dark place can see that glimmer of hope.

Moving here was another step in my growth- setting up the right tools to be able to share more.  Just a few months ago I realized I was writing but not reaching out to find those who could most use the words.  Once I began reaching out, so many more of you came.  As many in four months as had come in two years.  If you’ve been with me from day 1 or just finding me today- thanks for joining me, and I truly hope you’ll be back.  Let’s go through this together.  Me and you.