Walking on a Moving Sidewalk

People watching is a sport. Trying to not be mean while people watching is a challenge. But in airports, most people have the same end goal and it’s interesting to see how different ones approach it.

Some people walk at their own pace never using the moving sidewalks.

Some people get on the moving sidewalks and stand.

Some people get on the moving sidewalk and keep walking.

I was thinking about those three groups as I walked the moving sidewalk. I wasn’t in a hurry to get to a gate, just can’t imagine not getting where I’m going the quickest way possible.

It seems a lot like how we approach life. Some of us go about it our own way, wanting no help, relying on ourselves and only calling out to God when broken. Some like to ask God to take us where we want to go, getting on the path then waiting. And then there’s those who ask for his help and start moving on their own as well.

I thought for a few moments, that walking down the moving sidewalk, or combining action with prayer, was the way to go. I was thinking about how I try to always do that, though often I’m walking before the praying. See, I was getting there faster than the people walking beside or standing on the moving sidewalk. I was doing pretty good.

But then, a cart zoomed by me with passengers who had asked for help and taken a ride. They weren’t in control of the cart, but knew they’d get where they needed to go. Maybe that’s how we really should be with God. Not driving ourselves, but asking for help and relying on him completely.

I prefer the moving sidewalk, but I’m thinking more about that cart…

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